Urban economy

Spatial variation of in-migration to Moscow: Testing the effect of housing market

Ilya Kashnitsky (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute/University of Groningen) Maria Gunko (Institute of Geography Russian Academy of Sciences) The study about migrants’ first residential choices within Moscow was

Marshrutkas are running, and running, and running…

When you have spent some time in the post-Soviet space, you certainly are acquainted with marshrutkas — those ubiquitous minibuses which, more often than not, form the backbone of the public transport systems in urban and rural areas of the former Soviet Union. Strangely enough,

Call for papers: Urban reconfiguration in the post-Soviet space with focus on urban economy transformation

We are pleased to inform you that the deadline for abstract submission to the 5th EUGEO Congress (Budapest, 30 August – 2 September 2015) was extended to 15 March 2015. The panel dedicated to urban economy transformations in the post-Soviet space will be organized by ira.urban.

RSA experience

Limits of Financial Globalization and its Impact on small trade in Post-Soviet cities, Street Socialization and urban economy, Impact of institutional changes on bazaar traders and street vendors were some of the topics discussed at the special session organized by Ira. Urban research