What is the current state of the ‚city’ in the successor states of the Soviet Union? This is one of the central questions the ira.urban network seeks to address. Responses to this question require in-depth and manifold observations of everyday urban life. Therefore, this page aims to provide a space for exchange. It invites you to share casual notes and observations from the field, to discuss theoretical positions and evolving research questions or to post interesting information and sources on everyday life in the cities of the former Soviet Union.



Media response on the roundtable „Perspectives and Conflicts of Housing in post-Soviet Urban Regions”

The roundtable was organized by partners of the ira.urban network on the occasion of the International Festival of Architecture in Minsk, September 2013. Eight experts discussed about the perspectives of urban housing, especially in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. Now, Alexan

Are the Roma better street vendors?

Bazaars in the Capital of Georgia, Tbilisi are no easy place to navigate. The central Bazaar of the city spreads along few blocks and is comprised of few Bazaars of different sizes, shopping malls and the street vendors in between. For last few years, primarily in the years of 2010 -2