Ukrainian Researches Society

block_6Ukrainian Researches Society (URS) was established by decision of the Statutory Meeting on  July 2014. However, it has longer prehistory of functioning as informal scientific community uniting together dynamic university lecturers and research workers, PhD students, and master’s students, predominantly form the Faculty of Geography, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, as well as independent experts and public activists.

Nowadays Ukrainian Researches Society is a non-governmental organization concerned with promotion of activities aimed on the arrangement and coordination of geographical, historical and cultural studies of Ukrainian regions, using our achievements to address the problems of socio-economic and cultural development, including optimizing the interaction between human society and its natural and cultural environment. The members of the URS may find here his/her fellow-thinkers, launch mutual scientific projects, coordinate efforts with other research teams, receive qualified assistance in grant applications, and effectively protect legitimate rights for scientific, cultural, social, professional and creative interests.

The URS regularly holds a number of events, including field workshop “Problems of regional development in Ukraine” (since 2011), strategic session “Decentralization: strengthening the expert potential for the reform” (since 2016), Children’s scientific contest “What do I know about caves” (since 2016) etc. Several members of the URS, as scientific advisors and experts, are deeply engaged into current reforms in Ukraine, especially the reform of territorial division and power decentralization.


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