The final ira.urban workshop in Erevan, Armenia

In October 2015 the ira.urban project hold its final workshop at the Yerevan State University, Armenia. As usually during our workshop we had a fruitful talks with the representatives of local government and scientific society. We have known about problems of economic development of Armenian cities thanks to converstion with prof. Danielyan and Sargosyan. The theme of our final workshop was “Urban Governance and Civil Society in post-Soviet countries”. Arthur Drampian (Armenia) presented the report about the role of civil society in decision-making in Armenian cities. Emil naritdinov (Kirgizstan) presented the conducted research about the role of remittances in the development if urban construction sectors in Bishkek and Dushanbe. Prof. Levon Abraamjan and Shagonyan presented anthropological aspects of urban transformation in Armenia.

During our final meeting the ira-urban team summed up the achieved outcomes and outlined next steps in the development of the association. Almost all partners noted that the series of workshops has significantly strengthen the project outcomes, as they were the real source for networking research on post-Soviet cities. Two summer schools which took place in Rostov on the Don in 2014 and in Ekaterinburg in 2015 were the source for enlarging the scientific networks by means of young researcher from post-Soviet space and Europe.