RSA experience

Limits of Financial Globalization and its Impact on small trade in Post-Soviet cities, Street Socialization and urban economy, Impact of institutional changes on bazaar traders and street vendors were some of the topics discussed at the special session organized by Ira. Urban research team, particularly by Carola Neugebauer and Lela Rekhviashvili at the European Conference of Regional Studies Association on Diverse Regions: Building Resilient Communities and Territories in Izmir, Turkey (July 15-18). The speakers of the special Session entitled Small Trade in Post-Soviet Cities: Between Regulation and Informality, Giorgi Khishtovani, Costanza Curro and Lela Rekhviashvili discussed each other papers together with the audience and proposed ways for further cooperation. As the session speakers coordinated priory to the conference, the panel turned out focused, fruitful, and engaging for the speakers as well as the general audience.

Besides special session and diverse panels, the participants also attended two particularly useful sessions offered by the conference organizers concerning Publishing as a Non-Native Speaker and Early Career Opportunities.

The detailed information concerning the conference and the special session can be found on the official website of RSA(