Corresponding partners

The corresponding partners are urban practioners and researchers that cooperate with members of ira.urban in terms of common research projects, events or publications.


RWTH University Aachen/ Dresden: Carola S. Neugebauer (carola.neugebauer[at]

Carola S. Neugebauer studied landscape architecture in Dresden (Germany) and Paris (France) and holds a PhD degree in architecture/urban planning. Since 2005 she has been research assistant at the Leibniz-Institute of Ecological and Regional Development (Dresden) and post-doc researcher at the Leibniz-Institute for Regional Geography in Leipzig. In 2013 Carola Neugebauer was appointed as lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt and became associate professor at the RWTH University of Aachen in June 2014, department “Preserving Cultural Heritage”.

Her research is focused on urban developments in Central and Eastern Europe with a special emphasis on planning and management processes, socio-spatial differentiation and housing in post-socialist cities, (UNESCO world) heritage preservation in Europe and evaluation research. She is experienced in international comparative research and supports the ira-urban network since its foundation in 2013.