“City” symbolically stands for societal modernization. In the Western world it is considered as a place of participation in social processes and discourses, as a place of economic innovation and as a place of political and social balance of interests. But what was “city” or “urbanity” in the Soviet Union? And especially: What does “city” or “urbanity” mean nowadays under new political and societal conditions in the successor states of the Soviet Union?

This blog aims to address these questions of urban reconfiguration and reorientation in post-Soviet space in between Soviet legacies, new nation building, globalization and pluralization. Therefore, we look forward to your posts which will allow you to share and discuss your valuable insights and experiences in urban research and practice in post-Soviet space.





How much the new state border between Kazakhstan and Russia is transforming the city network in the region?

This topic Maxim Borisenko from Barnaul, PhD Fellow in the ira.urban project, studied in Leipzig. His presentation offers insights into some of his findings, he obtained applying different research methods like the historical, the statistical, the comparative geographical and others.

The Resurrection of the Kul-Sharif Mosque in the Kazan Kremlin (Tatarstan, Russia)

In his paper Dr. Nadir Kinossian, Researcher at the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography in Leipzig, is analysing the resurrection of the mosque in Kazan discussing the hypothesises of place branding, Tatar national identity, and Tatarstani statehood:                              

How will be Minsk in 20 years?

In Minsk the Gallery TUT.BY invited urban planners, architects und interested people to a public discussion about problems and possible future developments. Many thanks to Veranika Salauyova for sharing this information!     Find here different inputs and opinions published:

Shrinking Cities in Russia. Dynamics, Consequences and Governance

Our short-time Guest Research Fellow, Dr. Xenia Averkieva, from the Russian Academy of Sciences, gave a talk at our Leibniz-Institute for Regional Geography in Leipzig about the shrinking dynamics of Russia’s cities and different measures to cope with the effects of this dynamic…

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