Maria Podkorytova “The city networks in the post-Soviet space: focusing on unevenness”

Maria Podkorytova was a PhD fellow of ira.urban project at the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (IFL) in Leipzig. She gained her Master’s Degree and is doing her PhD in Saint Petersburg State University, specializing on urban geography. The Maria’s research is focused on transformation of Russian cities within the framework of globalization and catching-up development. Her current research in IfL is devoted to the transformation of the network of cities in the FSU space. The presentation reveals an evolution of methodological approach to estimation of Regional Gross Network Connectivity in the space of the Former Soviet Union. It shades a light on the transformation of the method from commonly used path to the unique way, depicting the specificity of the concrete region. Being mostly focused on the technical side of the research, the presentation also shades a light on the structure of post-Soviet urban network. Here you can see the presentation: The city networks in the post Soviet space focusing on unevenness