Call for papers: Urban reconfiguration in the post-Soviet space with focus on urban economy transformation

We are pleased to inform you that the deadline for abstract submission to the 5th EUGEO Congress (Budapest, 30 August – 2 September 2015) was extended to 15 March 2015.
The panel dedicated to urban economy transformations in the post-Soviet space will be organized by ira.urban.

Urban reconfiguration in the post-Soviet space with focus on urban economy transformation

The collapse of the Soviet Union and new nation building, increased globalisation as well as the demographic change have brought about fundamental economic restructuring of post-Soviet cities – both with regard to their internal economic experience and to their position in the global economy. The weakness of most post-Soviet cities is their strong dependence on industries which have been created under another political and economic system. However, the structural transformation led to radical de-industrialization, and to changing spatial logics of production. At the same time, new lifestyle and consumption models have significantly influenced post-Soviet urban economies. Yet still today, the industry largely defines the ways of working, living and housing. Likewise, different societal stakeholders– albeit being integrated in different restriction and regulation systems – pursue independent development tactics and strategies to foster economic growth poles and to strengthen the cities’ position in national and world economies.

So far, however, there is limited analysis of the post-soviet urban economy restructuring. It is little interrogated which factors and governance arrangements determined the development of urban economy and which local strategies of adaptation were implemented successfully.

Against this backdrop, the proposed session will focus on the transformation of urban economies in the post-Soviet space and it could include such issues as spatial and structural changes in urban economy during decades of transition; the place of post-Soviet urban economies in the global framework; development and localisation of new economic processes in different types of cities and towns.

We hope you will use this opportunity to discuss this urgent issue with us! We are looking forward to your abstracts!

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