“City” symbolically stands for societal modernization. In the Western world it is considered as a place of participation in social processes and discourses, as a place of economic innovation and as a place of political and social balance of interests. But what was “city” or “urbanity” in the Soviet Union? And especially: What does “city” or “urbanity” mean nowadays under new political and societal conditions in the successor states of the Soviet Union?

This blog aims to address these questions of urban reconfiguration and reorientation in post-Soviet space in between Soviet legacies, new nation building, globalization and pluralization. Therefore, we look forward to your posts which will allow you to share and discuss your valuable insights and experiences in urban research and practice in post-Soviet space.





On April 3-9, 2016, the city of Vinnytsia hosted International and Interdisciplinary Spring School for young researchers “Urban activism and participatory urban planning in Central and Eastern Europe”, organized within the framework of TRIPAR project. During the spring school, the par

Bonn as a case study

With app. 230.000 inhabitants, Bonn is a second-order city in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It has been the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) form 1949 to 1990. Today, urban conflicts linked to planning processes and projects preoccupy the public a

Vinnytsia as a case study

Vinnytsia is a city in the southwest of Ukraine on the banks of the Southern Bug River, administrative capital of the homonymic region, the largest city and the most important economic and cultural centre within the historical region of Podolia. The city is located inside the triangle

Ukrainian Researches Society

Ukrainian Researches Society (URS) was established by decision of the Statutory Meeting on  July 2014. However, it has longer prehistory of functioning as informal scientific community uniting together dynamic university lecturers and research workers, PhD students, and master’s stude

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